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Helping to turn church members into stewards of God's gifts.

GiveStewardship™ is used by many parishes and churches across the country (well, that's our goal). We need to know which church you are from.

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About Give Stewardship™


After filling out a paper "response card," the founder of GiveStewardship™ decided to make a digital solution that anyone could use.

Churches have always struggled with Stewardship and the idea of turning the faithful of their church away from being consumers and instead being the stewards we are called to be.

  • Easy to Manage

    Administrative users can log in and create surveys/questionnaires and lists of ministries quickly and simply.

  • Mobile Friendly - use anywhere

    GiveStewardship™ works on phones, tablets and computers. Within minutes a visitor can have their form filled out accurately.

  • Notifications

    Each organizational head will be notified via email when someone is interested in his/her ministry.

Annual Membership Pricing Table

At GiveStewardship™, our mission is to connect church administrators with their flock in the easiest and most economical way possible. Choose the package that best fits the needs of your parish/church.

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